Rodrigo Paredes

What would you like to be when you grow up? - a photographer - enthusiastic and fearless the 5 year old boy answered.
Born in Mexico City, raised in Queretaro,Mexico. Citizen of the world. I don't believe in borders.
I began taking photos with a 110 film Kodak sport camera at the age of 5. When I finished my Bachelor degree in Mass Media at UVM in Queretaro, Mexico, I decided to study Cinematography in Madrid, Spain. As I realized that the biggest budget movie happens in our minds and we create them I decided to tell stories with still photography. I Believe that the source of the power of a photograph is the story behind it, not only if it is visually strong.
"I don't know everything but I can learn it"
"If you don't see where are you going, you go wherever you stare"
"without hurry, but never stopping"

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